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About CSM


The Catoctin School of Music is passionate about music and education and how we share these with our students.  We pair enthusiastic, passionate, exciting, professional and knowledgeable music instructors with every student, resulting in highly creative private lessons, group classes, ensembles, summer camps, recitals, live performances, recording and many other special events and performance opportunities. 

Our Mission


CSM’s mission is to support our lovely Loudoun County (and the world beyond) by inspiring and empowering the next generation of local musicians: savvy students who crave learning and working with our talented musical staff.  God has blessed us and we chose to emulate Him and to inspire, collaborate and create beautiful skills and music with you. We believe if you can imagine and immerse yourself in music, together we can apply the right tools to grow and nurture you, your heart, craft and soul. Then out into the world you go with purpose: to spread joy and beauty with your music; inspiring the very best out of everyone and everything you encounter in life! Each day we are blessed with the privilege of introducing students to their dreams…our dreams: music and education!

Our School


The Catoctin School of Music believes that studying music is an investment in your education. We have taught a wide array of students including public school, private school, homeschool, parents, and adults from ages 4 to 84, guided students through college auditions, produced grand prize winners of local and national music competitions, and much more!

All of our instructors at CSM have degrees in music education and/or performance. In addition, many have completed their Master's and Doctorate coursework and have advanced degrees. CSM has purposefully hired a diverse staff in order to teach almost every music style and interest including: classical, country, pop, Suzuki guitar, rock, contemporary Christian, performance techniques, standard notation reading, chord chart and lead sheet reading and writing, songwriting, arranging, theory lessons, recording, jazz improvisation, just to name a few. Check out our Faculty Page to learn more about our wonderful staff!


In general, we all begin our student's lessons with a slight "classical" approach in order to facilitate a strong musical foundation and create valuable practicing habits, such as technique, tone production, reading and theory. We do this unapologetically in the very early stages because honestly, it works! We have found that a strong and rich musical foundation provides our students with the greatest opportunity to succeed and to be the best musician they can be in the shortest amount of time. We also incorporate many modern pieces, songs, repertoire, styles and techniques in our teaching to keep student interested in their studies and to help them grow as musicians.

Our facility offers a fun and relaxing learning atmosphere, in order to inspire students, motivate them to grown, and aspire to take on more challenging directions as musicians. Our studio rooms are clean, quiet, climate controlled, and comfortable with plenty of room for the teacher, student, and parents. All of our rooms are equipped with the necessary equipment for your discipline. We also have free Wi-Fi available for all clients to use in our waiting rooms.

We hope that you will join our CSM Family! If you would like to sign up and begin your musical journey with us, please click HERE. Or, please feel free to contact CSM's Studio Manager to set up an appointment and take a tour with us at our CSM studios.

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