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 Brass Studio 

What instruments are taught in the brass studio?
CSM offers lessons in trumpet, trombone, baritone (euphonium), tuba, and French horn.

What is the minimum age for starting on a brass instrument?
We recommend that students not begin a brass instrument until they are in 5th grade. Many student model instruments for tuba and trombone are quite large in size for younger students. In addition, we recommend students wait until this age because most students have lost their two front teeth and have adult teeth in place. It is not possible to play a brass instrument while you are missing a front tooth!

Where can I get a brass instrument?
Local music stores like Music and Arts or Melodee Music offer rentals on all brass instruments and have good student models available for an affordable price. If you are interested in buying a used brass instrument or getting a fair price on a new one,
Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center in Wheaton, Maryland has a very wide selection of instruments and locally there is Music and Arts.

My child has is going to be getting braces soon, is playing a brass instrument going to hurt their mouth?
There is an adjustment period when first getting braces on and playing a brass instrument. There will be times when your child is uncomfortable, however once the body has adjusted to having braces playing on a brass instrument becomes easier. There are also numerous products available through your orthodontist to help protect your child's gums while having braces.

Recommended models of instruments:
Trumpet: Yamaha, Getzen, Bach
Trombone: Yamaha, Bach, Getzen
French Horn: Yamaha, Holton, Conn
Tuba: Miraphone, Meinl Weston, Yamaha

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 Meet our Brass Instructors: 

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