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A White Bass Guitar

 Electric Bass Studio 

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What is the minimum age for Electric Bass lessons?
Minimum age for electric bass is 9 or 10 years old. Younger students are considered upon an evaluation. Please email CSM's Studio Manager to schedule an evaluation/trail lesson.

What musical styles are taught in the electric bass studio?
We have several students studying classical and jazz and other students who focus on rock (classic, new and heavy). Others have an affinity for learning to groove on soul, Latin, jazz and country music. Playing electric bass is an art form that takes time, discipline and fun in order to grow and appreciate its power, finesse, and intricacies that are used in every style a of music now in the rock world, jazz world and orchestral world.

How do I get an instrument?
It is very important, especially with younger children, to make sure you have been correctly sized and fit to a good instrument. A low quality instrument, poor fitting, too short, too long, poor sounding, bad tuners or tuning pegs, too heavy or a badly setup instrument will result in difficulty playing the instrument and creates frustrations in lessons and practice. To avoid this, we have much experience with recommendations for finding you a terrific instrument. Feel free to email Wayne if you need help with a bass or guitar sizing, you have questions or need any help with string basses, electric basses and all types of guitars.

CSM can certainly assist you in finding an electric bass and equipment. Parents with younger students remember that finding a lighter 7-9lbs bass is better, and there are even some nice short scale electric basses we can recommend. A comfortable wide strap is also advantageous in the beginning.

In our bass department here at CSM, we love helping all of our bass students achieve. Many of our finest students continue to play on in college, some go on to study bass and music (at Berklee, USC Cali, JMU, Shepherd) while others play in jazz bands, orchestras and jam bands. Many are helping lead worship in local churches every weekend and several of our brightest and hardest working students have won local and even state competitions in classical and jazz.

If you are interested in starting electric bass lessons, please click HERE.

 Meet our Electric Bass Instructors: 

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