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CSM 2021 Fall Awards: A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to ALL our amazing students at CSM for their hard work, practice and achievements! We're excited to announce some incredible achievements this year. Hard work, practice and dedication pays off! Check out this incredible list of CSM Student achievements!

2021 North Central Virginia Regional Orchestra:

Alex Axtell - Viola SRO

Bhavya Jha - Viola SRO

Dominic Sitto - Viola SRO

Sam Nixon - Viola SRO

Addison Miller - SRO
Ethan Amoh - Viola SRO

ACDA Regionals SATB Honors Choir:

Taneesha Mishra


Royal Conservatory of Music Achievement Exams:

Xander Ulreich - RCM Level 2 Bassoon - First Class Honors with Distinction
Eva Ulreich - RCM Level 2 Voice - First Class Honors

Muhammad Husain - RCM Level 2 Piano - First Class Honors

Lily Carlson - RCM Level 5 Piano - First Class Honors

Vincent Zhang - RCM Level 5 Piano - First Class Honors

2021 MGI Youth Guitar Competition:

Alex Seymour - 5th Place

‍2021 Aguado Classical Guitar Competition (Results updated as we receive from students):
Julia Mendez - 1st place (7th Grade Solo Division)

Daniel Robinson - 3rd place (9th Grade Solo Division)

‍PAVAN: Regional Governor's School for the Arts - 2021 Classical Guitar Division:
Ethan Gonzales
Alex Seymour
Daniel Robinson

‍2021 All-Virginia Guitar (Results updated as we receive from students):
Alex Seymour
Daniel Robinson

‍2021 All-Virginia Jazz Ensemble (Results updated as we receive from students):
Parker Peterson
Jackson Tallamy

‍2021 All-Virginia Choir (Results updated as we receive from students):
Brielle Schermerhorn

‍2021 All-Virginia Band & Orchestra (Results updated as we receive from students):

Amelia Sheppard - Bassoon

2021 All-District Band (Results updated as we receive from students):

Ava Loh -- French Horn – 1st Chair, High School

Samantha Leathem - Piccolo -– High School

Jeanmarie Exel - Flute -– 3rd Chair, High School

Amelia Sheppard - Bassoon -- 3rd Chair, Symphonic

Abigail Koffer - Flute -- 1st Chair, Middle School

Adityan Nambiar - Flute -- 2nd Chair, Middle School

Sydni Pistolesi - Flute -- 7th Chair, Middle School

Octavian Ashford - Trombone -- 5th Chair, Middle School

Gregory Brooks - Trombone -- 3rd Chair, Middle School

Seth Lowry - Oboe

Megan Frederick - Bassoon

Josh Taylor - Trumpet

Vibby Janardhan – Trumpet

‍2021 All-District Choir (Results updated as we receive from students):

Brigit Cook - Treble Choir, All-District Choir

Alexis Freire – Senior Honor’s Choir, All-District Choir

Brielle Schermerhorn – All District Choir

Anna Osborne – All-District Choir

CSM 100 Days of Practice Awards:

Josie White – French Horn

CSM 365 Days of Practice Awards:

MyAn Nguyen – Piano

Benjamin Neumiller – Piano

Elaina Neumiller – Piano

Dayton Lee – Piano

Nathan Zhang – Piano

Caitlin Robinson (CSM Guitar) performs in NAfME National Honor Guitar Ensemble!
Here's reason 1,000,001 why our students at CSM rock: CSM guitar student, Caitlin R., performed as a member of the 2020

National Association for Music Education (NAfME) All-National Honor Guitar Ensemble! You can check out their incredible virtual performance below (performance begins at15:25 in video below). Way to go Caitlin and all the incredible guitarists from across the country!!

NAfME National Honor Guitar Ensemble Virtual Performance:
CLICK HERE https://youtu.be/LLEOenBgGYg?t=923


Congratulations to the Phillip A. Hughes Foundation Scholarship Recipients! How about some GOOD NEWS?! CONGRATULATIONS to all our CSM students who received the annual "Phillip A. Hughes Foundation" Scholarship! This scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate "an aptitude in and passion for the musical arts" and we couldn't be more proud of these recipients! A very special thanks to our friends and partners at the Phillip A. Hughes Foundation for supporting the arts and helping fuel the dreams and pursuits of musicians and artists in our region! Learn more about the PAHF and their annual Golf Tournament below.

The following CSM students have been awarded scholarships this year (results posted as we receive announcements):

Eva Ulreich (Ms. Tara/Ms. Alyssa)

Alexis Freire (Ms. Alyssa)

Bhavya Jha (Dr. Deniz)

Amelia Sheppard (Mr. Matt)

Caitlin Robinson (Dr. Taylor)

Daniel Robinson (Dr. Taylor)

Noah Evans (Ms. Rosemary)
Evan Bertoglio (Ms. Lisa)
Addie King (Ms. Tara/Dr. Deniz)

Learn more about the PAHF at https://www.philapalooza.org/




Communication Update log from CSM  - CLICK HERE



CSM Giving Back - Salvation Army Angel Tree and Volunteering: The Salvation Army headquarters here in Leesburg was overjoyed to hear that we will be helping them out again this year, as we have been a strong supporting force in the past couple of years. The need is great as we all begin to come out of the effects of COVID-19. See below for volunteer and adopt an angel opportunities. They’ve made it easy to get involved with lots of online tools to help us!

• Angel Online Adoption: For those who would like to adopt an angel online, click below. These angels have been selected for CSM and we’re hoping to adopt out all 75!! Everything remains online this year, but this is exactly the same as if you were taking an Angel off one of the CSM trees. The online platform will track just like we would normally do, providing a sign out process in case anyone misplaces an Angel: we can easily look it up and give you the info you need.

Angels should be returned to CSM by Wednesday, December 8, 2021. You may drop them off in the wait room of any unit. The truck will come from SA to pick everything up on Friday 12/10/21. We’ll use those 2 days in between to make sure everything is labeled and ready to roll. If you need more time, please let us know. We can accommodate.

Angel Tree Instructions: CLICK HERE

How to Fill Your Angel: CLICK HERE

Kettle Ringing Volunteering: CLICK HERE

Click below to adopt!

• Kettle bell ringing - Let's get these locations filled up with volunteers!

• Volunteer for setup, sorting, packing and distribution of Angel Tree gifts - Let's get these slots filled up with volunteers! https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a0845aead2eabfd0-2021



CSM Students Qualify for 2021 North Central Virginia Senior Regional Orchestra!
CONGRATULATIONS to all who auditioned and qualified for the 2021 North Central Virginia Senior Regional Orchestra! 

A BIG CONGRATS to (results updated as we receive news!):

Alex Axtell - Viola SRO

Bhavya Jha - Viola SRO

Dominic Sitto - Viola SRO

Sam Nixon - Viola SRO

Addison Miller - SRO
Ethan Amoh - Viola SRO


Also, a very special shout out to their incredible Viola instructors, Dr. Carla Deniz (CSM Viola) and Dr. Dan Zhang (CSM Viola)! It's an Alto Clef celebration!!!


We're so proud of everyone! All your hard work in lessons and in your school orchestras is paying off!


NCVRO Website: https://www.ncvro.org/


Ms. Brianna Jaeger (CSM Piano) receives Bronze award in the 2021 Charleston International Music Competition!
Congratulations to Ms. Brianna Jaeger (CSM Piano) who placed Bronze in the 2021 Charleston International Music Competition in piano! We love celebrating our amazing faculty (and students!)!


Ms. Brianna's Bio:


Visit Ms. Brianna's website: https://www.briannajaegerpiano.com/


For more on the Charleston International Music Competition, visit: https://charlestoncompetition.com/contemporary-music-competition-2021/


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New Single "Pipe Smoke"! - Mr. Quentin Walston (CSM Jazz Piano and Composition) just released a new single titled, "Pipe Smoke"! Take a listen on Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon Music here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/quentinwalston/pipe-smoke


Check back later for more CSM and community updates!