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Student Achievement and Awards Listings:

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to ALL our amazing students at CSM for their hard work, practice and achievements! We're excited to announce some incredible achievements this year. Hard work, practice and dedication pays off! Check out this incredible list of CSM Student achievements:

2022 Hunt Country Music Festival Youth Music Competition:
Ryan Oates - Guitar - 3rd place finalist

2022 Aguado Classical Guitar Competition 🎶🎸🏅:
Emanuel Nacional - 2nd place, 11th Grade (studio of Lance Trussell)

Ethan Gonzales - 3rd place, 10th Grade (studio of Dr. JB Taylor)
Noah Wells - 3rd place, 9th Grade (studio of Dr. Chaz Aguado)

2022 NVMTA Woodwind Achievement Award: 🎷🥇🏆:

Xander Ulreich - 1st Place

2022 All-District Band 🎷📯:

Aidan Jackson – All District Band

Sophia Kuzminski – Oboe (HS)

Emily Banner – Bassoon (HS)

Kylee Little – Bassoon (HS)

James Sutter – Bassoon (MS)

Robin Bilton – Bassoon (MS)

Maria Stalcup - Alto Saxophone (HS Symphonic Band)

Forrest Rhodes - Alto Saxophone (HS Concert Band)

Sam Hughes - Alto Saxophone (MS District Band)

Ethan Oh - Alto Saxophone (MS District Band, 1st alternate)

Katie Helge - Tenor Saxophone (MS District Band, 1st alternate)

Ava Loh – French Horn (HS Symphonic Band)

Scarlett Ashford – French Horn (MS District Band)

Josie White – French Horn (MS District Band, 1st Alternate)

2022 All-District Choir 🎤:

Evalynn Bogusz - Soprano, SATB Choir

Taneesha Mishra – (Also made ACDA Regionals)

Katelyn Gomez

Anna Osborne
Brennan deButts (MS All-District)

2022 All-County Orchestra 🎻:

Addison Miller - Cello, 4th chair

SarahGrace Gruessing - Violin, 1st Violin Section


Royal Conservatory of Music 2022 Winter Exams 🎹:

Vincent Zhang - Level 6 RCM Piano - First Class Honors

CSM 100 Days of Practice Awards:


CSM 365 Days of Practice Awards:


ACDA Regionals SATB Honors Choir:

Taneesha Mishra


Royal Conservatory of Music Achievement Exams:

Avyay Iyengar - RCM Level 2 Piano - First Class Honors
Xander Ulreich - RCM Level 2 Bassoon - First Class Honors with Distinction
Eva Ulreich - RCM Level 2 Voice - First Class Honors

Muhammad Husain - RCM Level 2 Piano - First Class Honors

Lily Carlson - RCM Level 5 Piano - First Class Honors


Congratulations to the Phillip A. Hughes Foundation Scholarship Recipients! How about some GOOD NEWS?! CONGRATULATIONS to all our CSM students who received the annual "Phillip A. Hughes Foundation" Scholarship! This scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate "an aptitude in and passion for the musical arts" and we couldn't be more proud of these recipients! A very special thanks to our friends and partners at the Phillip A. Hughes Foundation for supporting the arts and helping fuel the dreams and pursuits of musicians and artists in our region! Learn more about the PAHF and their annual Golf Tournament below.

Learn more about the PAHF at


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