Dr. Carla Deniz

Violin, Viola

Carla holds a Ph.D. in Education from George Mason University with a focus on how learners problem-solve. She also holds a Masters in Music Performance on the viola from Shenandoah Conservatory. She has been performing on both the viola and violin throughout the D.C. Metropolitan area since 1990, including performances at the Barns of Wolf Trap and the Kennedy Center. In 1993 she won the George Mason University Concerto Competition award. Carla has studied under Richard Parnas, Doris Lederer, and Sheila Browne. Her focus is the viola and she loves sharing her knowledge with her students who typically gain top chairs in school, county, regional, and state orchestras. Her philosophy is that students need three things to grow in music: 1) a warm and caring learning environment both in the teaching studio and in the home practice area; 2) teamwork, whether it be through school and county orchestras or through the numerous activities offered through the teaching studio; and of course 3) daily focused practice. Her hope is to help all of her students find the joy of music. When she's not teaching, you might find her taking her cat, Sunbeam, on a walk in a park!