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Wayne Estes

Piano, Elec Bass, Brass, Guitar

Wayne is the founder/creator of CSM and he is super blessed, humbled and grateful to have been placed here at the very beginning of The Catoctin School of Music (formerly Wayne’s World). I absolutely love playing music, teaching music, reading music, recording and am so thrilled that I can share this simple joy everyday…MUSIC. Besides teaching individual lessons "Mr. Wayne" teaches group lessons, recording classes, music camps and he has taught music and guitar in several private schools including Dominion, Providence and VA Academies and at Loudoun's School for the Gifted.

I grew up right here in Loudoun County, loved school, learning, my friends, band classes, baseball, math, physics and science and I was first chair trumpet in high-school and first chair in regional band and in 1984 where I was selected to the Virginia All State Band. Little did I know my future wife Jennene was seated on that very same stage that weekend, performing on her cello with the Virginia All State Orchestra. Although we did not meet at that time, our destinies were set into motion, and we are on both captured on the same VA All State record.

Jennene and I officially met while I were doing our undergrad, both of us studying music at James Madison University and we were both growing and exploring all the various musical career options of performer, arranger, composer, studio engineer, live sound engineer, music label exec, teaching, etc. While at JMU, I engineered and produced JMU’s first album on JMU’s first independent music label. I played keys in several pop bands and did several keyboard sound tracks for videos and recordings. Sadly, at the end of my freshman year I was involved in a pretty serious car wreck that took the life of a dear friend and this accident forced me to abandon playing the trumpet for the next few years and caused me to rethink my life and future. I took a year off from college to regroup and undergo some reconstructive dental surgery and I impatiently waited for God to redirect me and get my life back in gear. God answered me and when I returned to JMU I met Jennene, we fell in love and graduated with honors in 1989 and we finally got married in 1992!

"For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you, will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus." Philippians 1:6

After graduating from JMU (with honors, did I mention I earned straight As all the way through HS & college!!!! EDUCATION IS THE KEY) I moved back to NOVA and started playing piano in several country groups in the DC and VA area where Jennene and I did some recording and performed as a duo for several seasons of weddings. I worked as an assistant technical director in a Fairfax County theater job at the Alden Theater in McLean in the late ‘90s where I worked in sound and lighting with many professional musical, dance and theatrical groups and also several community theater and musical groups. At the same time, Jennene and I also started our first business together in 1990, an audio and lighting production company called “Behind The Scenes Productions,” providing technicians and sound equipment to local musical groups, churches, bands, clubs, politicians and other specialized events in the DMV.

In 1994 Jennene and I toured across the country with a new Christian band “EFX” where I was their keyboard player, tech and harmony singer, and Jennene was our sound engineer. Then in 1998 I went “on the road” for an east coast tour as the road manager/sound engineer with a very popular local Loudoun rock group "Genghis Angus" as they launched their newest album and tour after getting signed to their first record deal. I also freelanced as a technician/rigger in VA and DC and worked show load-ins, did audio engineering, built scenery and did lighting work at various events and even worked tech behind the scenes at President Clinton's inaugural event. I have worked behind the scenes with many major acts as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Prince, Duran Duran, Riders in the Sky, Alan Jackson, Sting, Janet Jakson, Randy Travis, Travis Tritt, Janet Jackson, magician David Copperfield and even the band Weezer!

Around the age of 27, I began seriously studying guitar, upright and electric bass and started performing locally/in Loudoun in several theater, country and jazz projects. I was hired by Leesburg Baptist Church in 1995 to play bass in their new “contemporary service” here in Leesburg. I have performed as the fill-in bassist in the local/nationally acclaimed Christian group Glad, and I have also performed in many churches and at several local Christian concert events with terrific friends and local and national musicians. While leading worship in our church services one Sunday morning, a mom came up and asked me if I could teach piano to her son Rob and bam "Wayne’s World Music" was launched. It wasn’t long before another student came along…then 5 more, then 80 more…and then we got so big that at about 300+ students that Jennene and I figured we needed a new “brand” and so "Wayne's World" was transposed into “The Catoctin School of Music.”

I have had the most fun teaching music, inspiring and creating with thousands of private students and families in Loudoun County. I have been blessed and I feel very fortunate to grow, teach, befriend and inspire so many awesome students and future adults. And now many of my former students are musicians in their churches around the US and globe, and also many are now moms and dads, keeping the circle of life and music evolving ever forward and onward, growing HIS kingdom.

God has blessed me with so many fantastic young musician friends and colleagues, and now I'm even more excited that many of my hardest working students are eclipsing me, making regional and ALL STATE choirs and bands, writing in Nashville, performing on the many late night broadcast networks on “The Tonight Show” and “Late Night” testing out of all 10 levels of the Royal Conservatory of Music’s placement testing, going to Berklee School of Music and many other fine music schools and universities around the globe. They are music professionals making a living in Nashville, LA, Florida, Chicago and New York. Many of my favorite students have their bachelor degrees, masters and even doctorates in science, math, engineering, computers programming, music theory, composition and performance and more. EDUCATION IS KEY!!! Four of my favorite previous students became Marines! Our wonderful bass/strings/piano instructor Fernando Bolanos was a past student of mine. Jennene and I absolutely LOVE teaching, sharing and inspiring the next generation of students, musicians and Godly leaders of our country and world. And Jennene and I love our staff, our students, our families and the many friends that surround us every day and week here at CSM.

My life is full and I sincerely hope that you will join us and me and become a part of our CSM family today and grow and make music with us!!!

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