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CSM Classes and Group Lessons

STAY TUNED - CSM SUMMER CLASS INFO will be updated in a few more days. (edited 5/11/23)  

Below is info from our spring classes....

"101 Beginner Guitar Class"


Come join Mr. Wayne on Tuesday nights in suite 4 at 7-8pm starting on March 7th, for our 8 week "intro to guitar course."  Please watch our informative introductory video located just to the right of this text for more info.  And then email us at: for more details and to sign up! 


Come on the first night FREE to check it out.  Dads, moms, grand-moms, friends (even non-friends) are welcome to come and join in the mayhem of learning guitar  :o) !!!!

We have a CSM guitar book to give you, videos, loads of cool pop, rock and Christian songs to help you achieve awesomeness sooner, with a ton of amazing tricks and help get you going FAST.  Plus much much more.  Guitar rentals are possible, $160, age 13 - 64+

"Composition Class"

Come join Mr. Wayne on Saturday mornings at 11am-noon starting on March 11th, in our recording studio just 2 minutes west of CSM, for our composition and DAW/recording class.  8 weeks of fun, composition, notation, DAW info, recording tricks, practice tricks.  Our plan is to create, write, compose and record several songs individually and as a group.  Please watch our introductory video located to the right of this for a little more info.  And then email us at: for more details and to sign up!  


Come for free the first night to check it out.  Please note, you must be able to already write a little notation and also play an instrument proficiently, violin or piano or guitar or flute or voice or anything.  No very beginner musicians please.  $160, age 13 - 64+

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