Percussion Studio

Who is the instructor in the percussion studio?
Our percussion  instructor, 
TJ Maistros, teaches lessons on snare, set, marching drums and other percussion equipment.

What equipment and books are needed for percussion lessons?
Beginners will start on a practice pad (about $25 at your local music store). Recommended drum sticks are
Vic Firth 5A. The books used in lessons vary for each student and your instructor will recommend a book after the first lesson.

What can I expect from percussion lessons?
The beginning stages of lessons will mainly be on the practice pad. In addition, there will posture work and proper form demonstration to ensure proper technique. Lessons progress to rudiments, technique, reading, snare drum, and drum set if the student is interested. Snare drum work will be done extensively before moving to the drum set.

Advanced lessons will get into popular music and other songs, listening exercises, xylophone, timpani, and more difficult coordination work. 

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Monday - Friday: 12PM - 8PM
Please Email our Studio Manager,
for an appointment.


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