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 Strings Studio 

What instruments are taught in the strings studio?
Our strings studio includes our violin, viola, cello and upright bass lessons.

What is the minimum age for lessons?
Recommended age for beginning violin and viola is 7-8 years old. Recommended age for cello and upright bass is 8-9 years old. Younger students are admitted based on an evaluation conducted by one of our instructors. To schedule an evaluation, please email CSM's Studio Manager.

How do I obtain an instrument?
We highly recommend renting or purchasing an instrument from
Potter's Violins in Bethesda, MD. This is especially recommended for younger students as we have found them to be the best shop in sizing and setting up smaller instruments. Please inquire about rates and rental programs directly with the shop.

What books will I need?
CSM carries most of the books we use here at the school and we will sell them to you in your lessons as needed (an invoice will be emailed to you right after the sale).

What can I expect when starting strings lessons?
It is important to remember that string instruments require stamina and precision. None of them are “overnight success” instruments. The first couple months are used to set a firm foundation for playing and demand a keen attention to detail. The student will be asked to hold up their arms for 15-20 minutes at first (leading up to 30 minutes of continuous holding) and to be able to detect small changes in posture and how the fingers are moving. Each note and finger has to be taught exactly where to be played, without a fixed guide, like piano keys or guitar frets.

For younger students, we highly recommend parental involvement in the lessons for the first 6 months so you are able to help your child practice at home and know what to listen for. We also offer the
Sassmannshaus method for younger students.

If you are interested in starting string lessons, please click

 Meet our Strings Instructors: 

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