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Here's just a little of what our friends and families are saying . . .

Jennene, I wanted to reach out and say thank you for everything! Choosing Catoctin was the best decision my family could have made for me and my sister. You have done so much for me as far as learning not only how to play better on my own, but how to play and work well with others. Not to mention the gigs and connections you have gotten me over the years! I truly can’t express how grateful I am to have met you, Wayne, and all my teachers. Thank you for being you! :)   Alison


The Catoctin School of Music refers to itself as “one of the best kept musical secrets in Leesburg.”  All small businesses would like to see themselves this way, but CSM has the outlook, imagination, and reputation to back that up...We’re on board! - Quote from a highlight article in The Blue Ridge Leader/Loudoun Today

It has been a privilege to be a part of the Catoctin School community over these past 6 years and especially to have Caleb study with Jamey.  Susan

Ms. Jennene. Your guidance and support was instrumental in getting Lucy to England (for the National ACDA choir) and is exactly why she is the young lady she is today. Bless you and my most sincere thanks.   Sharda

THE CATOCTIN SCHOOL OF MUSIC…THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE RECITALS SUCH A POSITIVE EVENT FOR STUDENTS AND PARENTS!!  Love you guys…[we] keep recommending you to everyone we know!   Chuck and Nicole

Our son Matthew was just dropped off at college. So thankful for the lessons at CSM he took since second grade. The love, support, and training he received certainly enriched him as a human being. I pray he will be a blessing to others using skills he developed at CSM. Walking out of his dorm in the foyer I spied a piano. Yes! Thank you CSM family! - Eileen C.

Mr. Brian is an amazing instructor. My son Tyler has been with Brian since the day Tyler picked up the saxophone for the first time at age 8. Tyler's now 13 and first chair in the 8th grade band and jazz band. He was first chair in 7th grade, and now he made district band. Tyler's success is a direct result (of CSM) and Mr Brian's mentorship. Mr Brian is a gem. - Kindly, Deanna

Dear Ms. Jennene - I wanted to say thank you for everything you and CSM have done for me throughout my music education. I came to CSM after previous bad experiences with other instructors. You and the whole staff at CSM always made me feel cared for and included. The gigs at your church during the holidays provided me with some of the most fun music experiences I've had and I wish COVID hadn't stopped us from working together. Thank you again for everything and I wish you and everyone at CSM the absolute best! - Love, J

Carina had her last lesson at CSM today. Words don’t suffice here, but I wanted to say thank you for creating such a phenomenal music school. I’ve long felt that it is more than just a school, but a family and a musical community. Carina is choosing to major in music because of you! Thank you [Jennene] for ALL of your help throughout her decade at CSM. Thank you for all your smiles. We love you so!  Big big hugs! Cathy 

Thank you all so much for setting up such a great event [CSM Summer Music Fest]! CSM has been such a stalwart and encouraging presence in our kids' lives the past few years, we truly appreciate it! - Alexis

Thank you!! We are very excited to be starting! Riley really enjoyed her first voice lesson w/ Morgan and I also just got a great welcome email from Morgan, explaining in detail what she’ll be doing w/ Riley over the course of her lessons. It was well thought out and detailed and I very much appreciated it! - Michelle

Thank you very much for recruiting Taneesha to sing the National Anthem and Josh to play “Taps” for our 2021 Town of Leesburg Memorial Day Observance.  Both of them were wonderful!  They each gave a professional, stirring, performance, worthy of such a special and solemn occasion.  Josh and Taneesha are very talented and fantastic representatives of The Catoctin School of Music. - Billy Moffett, Events Assistant Coordinator, Town of Leesburg Parks & Recreation

Thank you again! We are stunned that Caleb is about to graduate! He has certainly developed his own voice as a composer. Thanks for all of your guidance and support over the years. CSM has truly been a foundation for our family. - Rebecca


Thank you for all you do! Guitar lessons have been a wonderful constant in August’s world that has of course been rocked by the pandemic. We are grateful for you and your staff for keeping things going and staying positive! Bucket drumming sounds awesome, we will have to let August have a go at that.  Staci

Thank you so very much for your efforts!  Addison has had a wonderful experience (at CSM) and Zach has been very professional and has made the lessons work.   Jessica

"Just writing to again share the praises of Rosemary. (She is our 7 year olds piano instructor). Recently Rosemary indicated to us (in THE nicest way possible) that Amapola hit a "plateau" in her piano lessons. Which confirmed what Gaby and I were thinking. This fact had NOTHING to do with Rosemary. Basically August was a VERY rough month for us and for the most part we were unable to monitor Amapola's progress. Nor to get her to effectively practice the assigned lessons. So we told Rosemary this fact. Then we had a very long - and extremely helpful - phone conversation with her. She suggested several new "tactics" and approaches and after 2 lessons we feel like we MIGHT have successfully rebooted Amapola's progress. Furthermore, soon AFTER the 30+ min phone chat, Rosemary sent us a detailed email summarizing what we agreed upon and providing other very helpful information. I am sure that the email must have taken her close to 30 minutes to compose. Rosemary is SPECIAL. You know this and we are simply echoing this fact to you once again."  Mike and Gabby

“Just for the record, let me say that I feel so fortunate to have Zachary Whitaker as my teacher. I think he is fantastic. He has an approach and demeanor that I really like, and that works for me. I don't consider myself to have any natural ability with music, but I'm so happy with the progress I've been able to make over the past year and a half with Zach as my (cello) teacher. I find immense joy in learning to play the cello with this kind and gifted instructor to guide me.”   Alexandra

[Mrs. Jennene] It is hard to imagine any other piano teacher with Nolan. More than a music instructor, you have been a kind, encouraging, compassionate confidant for Nolan. When he started with you at age six, he was struggling to smile and speak from his profound stutter. With you, over the 8 years, Nolan has found his voice and smile again, he’s so proud of his piano talents, and he enjoys piano in his life. We are so grateful that you nurtured his full self rather than focusing only on piano techniques. You will be irreplaceable in Nolan’s life story.   Natalie

You [Mr. JB] have been the most amazing teacher and influence on her and I tear up when I think that a few years ago she was about to quit and YOU made her love playing, You kept her from quitting. I can't tell you how much that means to's the little things that make my heart melt. Thank you!   Lesley

CSM will always be special to us as well. John has learned a lot from everyone - and certainly not just about music! CSM’s program also emphasizes (and its staff models) being a great human as well.  Tina

Matt/CSM office, I have never been involved with anything kid related as organized and accessible as CSM.  I’m so impressed.   Thank you for always answering my questions so promptly and thoroughly!  I appreciate it!  Thank you!   Rebecca


Wayne, Thank you! It was great seeing you as well! Christian LOVES his piano lessons! Thank you, for making this such a positive experience for him. See you on Thursday!   Cate


My experience at CSM has been wonderful and I have no complaints. Matt has been very accommodating when I was unable to make a lot of my weekly scheduled lessons, and I always appreciated it. Alyssa is an awesome teacher and taught me a lot about voice. When I decided to take lessons at CSM my goal was to learn how to sing better by understanding how my voice works, and I can proudly say that I achieved that goal. Alyssa was very encouraging and pushed me to succeed.  Leighton

Wayne: I have to tell you, I am so impressed with the level of attention that you give to your students. I just thought that it was important to let you know that you and CSM do such a great job.   Carol

I just wanted to say thank you [Wayne] for all of the theory we talked about in lessons because I'm taking a theory class and I actually understand what the professor [at the Virginia Summer Residential Governor's School for Humanities and Visual and Performing Arts] is talking about unlike a large percentage of the class.   Melissa

Thank you so much for all that you have done for Ethan to help shape him into the wonderful young man that he is.  Dawn VB

Hi Zach!   I just wanted to let you know that I had my JMU (college) ensemble auditions the other day and I got a call-back for a section leader audition! I just wanted to take the chance to thank you guys for everything you've taught me.   Alison L


Matt’s and Jennene’s commitment to their students is simply unparalleled to anything we have experienced.   Lara B

Our family is so grateful for your assistance with Jamie's arts supplements for her application to William and Mary. I'm certain the time and care you put into the preparation and development of the supplements had a big impact on her acceptance.   We're thankful that Jamie was fortunate to be part of your school the past 6 years...She is a richer person having known your influence.   Anne 

We are so thankful for CSM, you have taught us so much more than just music and are blessed to have you in our lives.   Marcia

BTW, Chase LOVES Jamey.  He loves the music and how Jamey works with him. But from the mom-sense, it's good for Chase to have a mentor like Jamey for so much more than music.  Chase is a man of few words (like his dad -- not me).  So when he talks about something, it is important.  He is always happy after his lesson, and he talks about what they do.   Mrs B.

Wayne-  (Our whole) family had so much fun helping [CSM with their Angel Tree drive] this morning and it was so refreshing to see how many people understand what Christmas is about.  Big wow.   Pete

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