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Welcome to our "Video Performance Page" where you can find our recent posts, cool information and free instruction.  CSM has hosted a YouTube page for a bazillion years where we've posted special events, student and faculty performances and instructional "how-to" videos and loads more.

Below are just a couple of "cool shares" from our YouTube page...


And ou can hop over and check out our entire CSM's YouTube page anytime and see "CSM's video history in the making" at:

"CSM Improv video series"   -  This is a BRAND new online series started in the spring of 2024, where you can work from home on your aural skills, build improv and modal skills and learn some important musical patterns with us.  You can practice these on your own anytime and with ANY instrument and it's FREE.  So start with us and each week we will build the patterns with you to sharpen your aural skills.   A new video will follow every week to help you grow!!!  Click on the 2 videos below to checkout the first 2 in the series.  And then the entire series is available at:

Our Friday Night Open Mic just restarted in April of '24 and below is a taste of the amazing music that is happening at these.  We hope that you will signup and join us at these.  Here's the signup link:


Here are a few videos from our recent CSM Faculty Recital from Feb of '24:


And we will be featuring amazing CSM students here, so please send or email Wayne if you would like to be presented here in the near future and display your practice, performance or rehearsal here.  Original songs/compositions are also welcome, and of course any instrument voice, solo, duet, etc. is welcome to present here.

At this time we are happy to have you meet Josie C, who has been studying piano with us for 7+ years. She also takes voice and guitar lessons with CSM.  She has two fantastic siblings here that also enjoy studying and performing music with us.  Below Josie is presenting a Rachmaninoff Prelude that she was preparing for a local piano competition earlier in February.


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