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Music Theory
MusicTheory.Net is a wonderful, FREE tool to help you practice everything from intervals to complex chords. It includes both paper and ear training exercises. We highly recommend this site to prospective music majors.

General Music Knowledge
Quizlet.Com is a free study tool. Search for exercises in music and play games, do flashcards, and take tests to boost your musical cognitive abilities (and maybe with some other subjects too!)
Wikimedia Commons is a wiki tool. Follow the link to the music category where you'll find all kinds of musical recordings (contributed from places like the Library of Congress!), images of musical notation, and other contributions to help you study music.
Wikipedia Music Terms Glossary is a free dictionary for musical terms. Enjoy!
Enchanted Learning has some games to make music learning fun!
Making Music Fun is another great resource for younger students.
Virginia Tech's Musical Terms Glossary is another free dictionary for musical terms.

Staff Paper
Free Staff Paper compliments of CSM.

Online Metronome
Free Online Metronome for those who aren't ready to purchase one.

Public Domain Sheet Music
Classical Guitar School

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