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Recital Code of Conduct

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Here at CSM, we believe our recitals are an extremely important part of musical learning and achievement.  And in order to ensure this is an enjoyable, fun and family oriented experience for all, the following guidelines will be in effect for all recital participants:

  1.  All recital participants must dress appropriately.  Skirts and dresses must be at least knee length, remember that you will be elevated on a stage.  Please no shorts, jeans, sneakers, flip flops, showing undergarments, baseball caps, or ripped clothing.  Cellists and guitarists should consider wearing dress pants or long dresses.  Those who arrive at recital not appropriately dressed may be asked to sit out their performance or sent home to change.

  2. Absolutely no negative feedback will be tolerated at the recital. Any put downs, insults or otherwise negative remarks about another student's performance will result in you being asked to leave the recital and this will jeopardize your future participation at CSM.  Be polite!!!

  3. Please sign up for recitals by the marked deadline.  The deadlines are in place to ensure everyone can receive performance and rehearsal times in a timely manner and that all preparations can be made ahead of time, including adding you into the program or PowerPoint.  Last minute additions will not be considered unless there have been previous arrangements made by your instructor and the recital scheduler.

  4. Avoid rescheduling lessons within the last two weeks before the recital date.  This is a requirement for those using student accompanists, but is recommended for all.  Our teachers have planned these last couple of lessons very carefully, so consistency in the scheduling at this time is very much appreciated, and this may help your student be be less anxious when they are on their usual schedule.  The same also goes for planned rehearsals.

  5. Be sure to arrive early for your performances and rehearsals! Unless stated otherwise, call times for performances and rehearsals are 10 minutes before start time. We want everyone to be in a good state of mind before their performance and avoid feeling rushed, anxious or nervous.  Come early to get a good seat, say hi to your favorite instructor, instrumentalists need to leave time to get unpacked and tuned and to relax in general.

  6. Please no noise making devices of any kind in the recital hall; (Cell phones, crying infants, shuffling papers, no distracting camera shutter noises (unless it's your kid :o), etc…).  Please also no food or drinks allowed, unless otherwise stated.

  7. sure to have a lot of fun!  Your instructors believe that recitals to be one of the most enjoyable days of the year and we want you and your family to enjoy this wonderfully rewarding and positive experience also.  Heck, don;t forget to reward your participating student with a family dinner or treat after their performance.  Make this a family moment to cherish.  So let's all have fun and be respectful of others and enjoy the music.

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