CSM Recitals

One crucial aspect of musical learning is performance. At CSM, we pride ourselves in giving students a multitude of performance opportunities. Two of these opportunities are our Fall and Spring recitals. While students are not required to participate (unless they are on scholarship), it is encouraged and a lot of fun!


2020 Fall Recitals Update:

[CSM STUDIO UPDATE - Email: Mon 10/26/2020 7:20 PM]

Hello Students and Families!!!

Bet you were wondering what we had up our sleeves for recitals this Fall?!?!?! You know us…we’re always dreaming up something exciting!! And this Fall/early Winter will be no exception!!



Instead… There will be a CSM YouTube Channel!! (private of course!) Its name is "CSM Joy!" It will be live from Monday 12/21/20 (or maybe even a little earlier) through Wed 1/6/21 (the end of the 12 days of Christmas). Students will work with their teachers (who will act as “producers” of their videos). Students will record their performances on video and then submit each via a Dropbox link which will be sent to you in the next week or so. Each teacher will view and make suggestions/corrections…to each video and then, once approved by the teacher, each video will be uploaded to the CSM Joy YouTube Channel. We will sweep the folders weekly to the CSM Joy Channel starting 11/16/20 (for you early birds!)

Here are all the particulars below. Please read through these instructions carefully.

Upload Link – An email will be sent in the next week or so that will have upload links for each teacher’s individual upload folder. Please carefully select your teacher’s folder and use that link to upload your video.

Video Deadline Due Date: Friday 12/11/20 – all videos have to be uploaded to your teachers folder by Friday 12/11/20, but hopefully will be uploaded earlier as you and your teacher are a team and will be working together on this starting very soon. Please name your video with your first and last name and your teacher’s name. (Ex: Bobby Barlow_Jennene Estes) This is super important. It’s the only way the person organizing the videos will be able to identify you. If you do not follow this instruction your video will be deleted from the upload folder.

Student/Teacher Responsibilities: Your teacher will act as the producer of your video. You’ll prepare your piece, submit your video, your teacher will view it and offer comments/suggestions, perhaps you’ll need to rerecord and upload again to get your very best recording. Through the process, students will refine their preparation and recording skills, learning all the tips and tricks attached to this email. [CLICK HERE to see "Recording Tips" attachment]

Recording Tips: - Attached to this email – Please read!!! Teachers and students will go through these tips and tricks to find those that best work for each student’s recording. Don’t forget to include in your video your introduction stating your FIRST NAME, SONG TITLE, COMPOSER and perhaps your INSPIRATION in choosing THE PIECE. Ex: Hi I’m Jennene and I’ll be performing the traditional English Folk Song Greensleeves (composer unknown). I chose to perform this today because I love songs in the Dorian Mode.

Repertoire: - You may record any repertoire that brings you and others JOY and that is approved by your teacher. Please keep total video length under 8 minutes. Of course, holiday repertoire would be awesome since we’re doing this to coincide with all the December holidays!

Privacy notice for Parents:  Please note videos are being listed on our YouTube channel (Private Playlist). By uploading your videos, you are giving CSM permission to put footage of your student performing, on our YouTube channel. It won’t be searchable/visible to the public as it is a private playlist, but anyone with the link will have access to view the playlist, so family/friends that receive the link will be able to view it through the link. CSM will disable comments/video embedding for an added measure of privacy. For the video titles for each video on the playlist, we will use the student's first name, song name and composer only. The CSM Joy channel will not be up indefinitely, it will be taken down after the end date of Wed 1/6/2021.

Please let us know any questions you may have!

Have fun!
Jennene and Wayne Estes
CSM Owners