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 Guitar Studio 

What is the minimum age for guitar?
Beginning age for guitar study is 7-8 years old. For younger students, please visit our
Suzuki Guitar page.

What can I expect from guitar lessons?
Like our other studios, our guitar teachers assign theory homework and teach note reading as part of the curriculum. Remember, guitar takes LOTS of practice. You might not necessarily be playing cool solos or pop songs immediately, but it will come in time. It will take lots of trust in your instructor to get to that point and, again, lots of practice and work at home.

How do I obtain a guitar?
We recommend you wait to purchase or rent a guitar until your first lesson if you do not already own one. Our instructors will size your child and recommend a purchase or rental from there.  YES...CSM has a guitar rental program, if you wish to rent with us, and part of your rental installments can go towards the purchase of your CSM rental guitar or a new guitar.  Ask our office manager for these details.

Electric or acoustic...which should I start on?
Our instructors teach in a wide range of musical styles, so please let us know what you're most interested in. If your ultimate goal is playing electric guitar, we recommend you begin on acoustic guitar. The strings on acoustic guitar are easier on the hands than the steel strings of the electric guitar. And everything you learn can be easily transferred to electrical guitar once your skills and hand strength have developed accordingly.

If you are interested in starting guitar lessons, please click HERE.

 Meet our Guitar Instructors: 

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