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 Suzuki Guitar Classes 

“Our purpose does not lie in a movement to create professional musicians, but to create persons of a beautiful mind.”
- Shinichi Suzuki

What is the recommended age for the Suzuki guitar program?
The Suzuki guitar program is geared towards children between the ages of 4-8 years old. If you are an older student, please visit our
guitar studio pageOur registered Suzuki instructors will be happy to guide you and your child through the Suzuki program.

What makes Suzuki different from other methods?
While we encourage parental involvement in our other lessons, Suzuki absolutely requires closer parental supervision and presence in the lessons as much as possible. Our Suzuki program requires a 6 week parent class in addition to the student's lessons. In Suzuki, the parent is what is referred to as the "home teacher", giving the parent a greater responsibility in this type of musical training.

Why Suzuki?
Suzuki helps children to "speak" the language of music, which is why the method is implemented during the child's most critical development period when they are still learning language. Children at this age learn naturally by ear and Suzuki takes advantage of this developmental stage.

Suzuki Guitar Information Video

What other requirements are there in the Suzuki program?
In addition to weekly lessons, children enrolled in the Suzuki program will be expected to attend a bi-weekly group class where they play in a collaborative environment with their fellow Suzuki scholars. You can see a video of our group class at recital below!

What will I need for Suzuki lessons?
For more information, we highly recommend reading Nurtured by Love by S. Suzuki which explains the Suzuki method and theory in greater depth. This book will be part of your Suzuki materials should you choose to enroll in our program. Total materials cost is around $45.00.

If you are interested in starting Suzuki Guitar lessons, please click

 Meet our Suzuki Guitar Instructors: 

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